On Domodedovo “Town Day”, August 20, 2016, “Severnoe Domodedovo” PLC set up a playground on the main square of the city.

Children, ranging in age from 1-12, along with their parents had the delightful opportunity to be photographed with the leading characters of the cartoon show “Masha and the Bear”. They shook the Bear’s paw and then the Bear presented them with a small ball or a little flag featuring the “Severnoe Domodedovo” PLC logo.

Cheerful clowns organized all types of fun outdoor games which had the kids beaming with joy and set the mood for this entire red-letter day.

The “Biggest Soap Bubble” contest provided even longer-lasting fun and excitement. Inside of five minutes the children had forgotten about the competition and were totally into just blowing bubbles. Bubbles of all sizes – small, large and even humongous oval and round ones were seen floating over the square, glistening like rainbows in the bright Saturday sun, carried by a soft breeze higher and higher into the blue yonder… The children had so much fun with this contest that they were a bit surprised when they received some prizes – paint sets, pencils, magic markers, and crayons – all courtesy of the largest warehousing facility in Europe: “Severnoe Domodedovo” PLC.

On this day all residents of Domodedovo who visited the booth of “Severnoe Domodedovo” also received a festive souvenir – a photo magnet picturing the main characters of the cartoon “Masha and the Bear.”

Natalya Polukhina, representing “Severnoe Domodedovo” PLC, summed up the experience in the following words: “This whole Town Day event where we set up a playground and organize really fun contests with prizes for the youngsters of Domodedovo has turned into a tradition for our company. We understand that not all families can afford to take their kids to amusement centers. Part of the social outreach program of our company is to give children the gift of a happy time. We really like knowing that there are families who come to our playground year after year.” 




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