Forbes publishes a rating of the most expensive Internet companies in Russia

For the third consecutive year Yandex took the first place in the Forbes' rating of the most expensive Internet companies in Russia, the company's worth was estimated at $22.98.

In 2021, the company has risen in price by more than 1.5 times (by 57 %). A year earlier, the company grew up by about 36 % and was worth $14.6 billion.

The second place went to Wildberries worth $14.52 billion, the third one to Ozon, which costs $10.58 billion and has been traded on the Nasdaq and the Moscow Exchange since the end of 2020.

Top 10:

Yandex - $22.98 billion
Wildberries - $14.52 billion
Ozon - $10.58 billion Group - $6 billion
Avito - $4.9 billion
1C - $2.28 billion
Lamoda - $2.276 billion
HeadHunter - $1.6 billion
Delivery Club - $1.5 billion
AliExpress Russia - $1.1 billion.

Overall, by the end of 2020, all companies included in the rating have increased in value, and some of them have risen in price even from the time of the rating preparation to the moment of its publication. For instance, now the market capitalization of Ozon is almost $13 billion, and Yandex has risen in price by almost $1 billion, to $23.95 billion.

The publisher notes that the rating did not include companies that generate more than 50 % of their revenue outside of Russia or that have less than 50 % of users in Russia.



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