Pulse Pharmaceutical Company confirms leadership among pharmaceutical distributors

According to a rating published by the research company IQVIA, in the Q1 of 2020, the company Pulse took first place in gross sales with a share of 13%.

The total share of the ten largest distributors in the gross sales market amounted to 58.3%. Relative to the Q1 of 2019, the share of TOP-10 gross sales fell by 1.8%. 

The TOP-10 distributors in the market for direct drug* sales (including preferential drug provision) for the Q1 in 2019

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*Direct sales – sales made directly to pharmacy institutions or to medical institutions (hospitals, dispensaries, authorized warehouses) for subsequent allotment. Source: compiled on the basis of the data of distributors participating in the rating.

TOP-10 distributors in terms of sales to retail pharmacy chains for Q1 2019

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