Stores in Moscow are gradually opening back up

In the last ten days of May, the Federal State Statistics Service announced that retail sales in Russia in April 2020 fell by 28.5% compared to March 2020, and by 23.4% compared to April of the previous year. 

The share of food products in the structure of retail turnover increased, and the share of non-food products significantly decreased in comparison with the same indicators from previous years. Thus, non-food retail, along with entertainment, shopping, and office centers, has become one of the most affected business segments.  

But everything is changing, and already on June 1, on Children's Day, the TsDM in Lubyanka opened. By opening time, air conditioning and ventilation systems were cleaned, UV recirculators were installed, and markings were made for social distancing. Vending devices for the sale of personal protective equipment were installed at the entrances. The food court and Gastrogalereya zones are operating with restrictions, only for delivery and take-out.

The group M.Video-Eldorado rebooted part of its stores. All operations there can now be carried out online with no contact and in full compliance with security measures.

Inventive Retail Group (manages the retail chains re:Store, Samsung, Nike, and others) is resuming operations in 115 of its stores in the capital.

Several shopping and entertainment centers are resuming operations, including GUM, TSUM, Aviapark, Khorosho!, Festival, Kaleidoscope, Petrovskiy, Smolenskiy Passage, Kaluzhskiy, RIO Leninskiy, RIO Dmitrovskiy, RIO Sevastopolskiy, and others.

IKEA stores have resumed work. These are IKEA Teply Stan, IKEA Khodynskoye Pole and the design studio IKEA Botanichesky Sad. According to the order of the mayor of Moscow, non-food stores will work there. Inside the shopping center, all entertainment operators, cinemas, leisure and sports complexes, and beauty salons will still remain closed. Food courts will operate in delivery and pick-up modes.

But don't get excited too soon
According to Cushman & Wakefield, only 60% of Moscow retail operators will be able to open their outlets in early June. Some of them are still in the process of negotiating with owners to change rental conditions, some companies have announced optimization and closure of outlets, and some will not have time or will not have the funds to prepare stores in accordance with sanitary requirements.



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