Petrovich opened a new shopping center in Moscow for 2.3 billion rubles

The facility’s total storage area plus the salesroom exceeds 19,000 sq.m.

The Russian company Petrovich, which specializes in building materials retail, announced the opening of a new shopping and construction center in Moscow. The space was launched on March 2, 2020 at: Moscow region, Leninsky district, Bobrovo village, bl67.


Evgeny Movchan, CEO of Petrovich, comments: “For two years we worked in the Central Federal District without new openings and managed to grow in Moscow by 48.3% in 2019 compared to 2018. The company's revenue reached 60 billion rubles (without VAT). First of all, this is the result of a competent combination of online and offline formats.

Making purchases at Petrovich is very easy: through the website, application, call center, and so on, but offline remains an important part of the omnichannel model. The infrastructure allows us to guarantee the constant availability of goods, their high-quality storage, delivery in 4 hours in Moscow and, as a result, also makes it possible to influence online sales, the share of which in retail in 2019 increased to 47%.

Therefore, the Petrovich chain of stores in the capital will be expanding, and we opened the next construction and shopping center on March 2 in the southern direction - on Simferopolskoye shosse. The facility’s total storage area plus the salesroom exceeds 19,000 sq.m. Investments amounted to 2.3 billion rubles.

Igor Kolynin, Marketing Director of Petrovich, added: “We are not building good old DIY-boxes, our shopping centers are logistics hubs with well-thought-out warehouse infrastructure and innovative salesrooms.

A buyer who comes to our store can safely count on professional help, attention, and an easy purchase with a tablet in his hands, just by scanning the NFC tags on the goods, plus now buyers can also count on free design studio services.

We are simultaneously launching design studio services in the shopping center in St. Petersburg and here, on Simferopolskoye shosse. In this project, we used digital room technology. The client can get competent advice on the choice of finishing materials, design, or the client can use a calculator to determine costs and visualize all the finishing materials on huge LED screens built in the form of a room. A person can be inside his future apartment and change the workmanship in it instantly. Here he can find out all about the company’s services. And there are so many of them that repair work transforms from a problem into a pleasure.

Iskander Ismailov, Operations Director, noted: “Our warehouse is the heart of Petrovich, which drives the entire product turnover. Its total area is more than 16,000 sq.m. A Grade A +  warehouse has been built on the territory, it is divided into two zones: warm (4,000 sq.m.) and cold (6,000 sq.m.), with storage height at 11.5 m, and storage capacity of more than 15,000 pallet places.

A third of the area of the warm storage is occupied by a four-story mezzanine equipped with a conveyor line and zones for issuing packed orders. Goods are also stored in an open area and under awnings. In 2020, we plan to introduce a warehouse management system (WMS), which will increase our accuracy and speed of working with orders. Currently we are accommodating 28,000 different types of goods, 90% of which is in the hand-picking zone. This makes it possible to increase delivery vehicle shipment speed. Today we deliver in Moscow within 4 hours.”

Danil Khokhlov, Director of the Central Federal District Division, said: “Petrovich is continuing to grow in Moscow, and the new shopping center on Simferopolskoye shosse is the fifth store in the capital.  Its team has 180 people. All leadership positions are held by Petrovich team members who have long worked in the company and embody its values. Over the course of three years, we plan to open several more construction and shopping centers, setting an ambitious goal for ourselves: to become number one on the DIY market in Moscow.”



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